February 20, 2007

TV Critic Quote of the Week

Scott Keith, on last Monday's "24" surprise (SPOILERS INCLUDED):

"Oh man, President Logan is back, and he’s got a BEARD. I have no idea why it would be a bad thing, but it can only mean more bad things ahead. Is the beard working for the Russians? Is the third nuke hidden in it? Did it secretly conceive Jack’s half-brother with Mama Bauer 30 years ago and only now is the terrifying secret revealed? WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR, BEARD?"
This so-so season can only be improved by the return of Gregory Itzin's ex-President Logan, probably the best villain in the show's history. I'm just wondering how they're going to explain Logan's avoidance of treason charges.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 20, 2007 09:02 PM
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