February 21, 2007

But Shouldn't Every Conservative Book Be Called "Outrage"?

Apparently not content to write two anti-Hillary books this year like he does every other year, Dick Morris' next book will be called "Outrage: How Liberals, Congress, Unions, Drug Companies, Big Oil, Banks, Lobbyists, Corporations, the United Nations, the World Bank, the INS, the TSA, and the Democratic Party Are Ripping Us Off... And What To Do About It."

Yes, it's the entire Fox News ethos, boiled down to only about 40 words. Call it the political book version of that one Fiona Apple album.

You'd think, after last year's election, at least some of that "outrage" would be directed more at the Republican side, but then Dick's never been good at seeing what's right in front of his nose. I'm just wondering how he neglected to include either of the Clintons in his super-long title.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 21, 2007 01:15 AM
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