February 23, 2007

Grading on a Curve

Bill Simmons decided to write a column about the do-nothing NBA trade deadline, and assigned each team a letter grade. The twist? He graded on kind of a tough curve.

Simmons gives his own team, the Celtics, an F. But don't worry, they're still in the top half of the league. The Sixers, for instance, get an "F-minus-minus," while the Hawks, Knicks and Kings all get an "F-minus-minus-minus-minus" from the Sports Guy. The Bulls and Nets, as well as my T-Wolves, are granted an "F-infinity-minus," while the the Clippers get a "G," which I guess is worse than an F. The Cavs, meanwhile, get the worst grade: a Z-infinity-minus. Man, imagine if they'd really screwed up.

Yes, Portland got a C-, for the fourth-best mark in the league. And you thought the actual NBA was a celebration of mediocrity.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 23, 2007 09:44 PM
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