February 26, 2007

Cold Comfort

Here's a funny line from Peter King's column today, about receiver prospect Calvin Johnson:

"Would you have any problem playing in a colder climate, like a Minnesota?''

--Reporter's question to Georgia Tech's Calvin Johnson during Johnson's press conference at the Combine Saturday afternoon.

The Vikings have played in a dome since 1982.

To be fair, that isn't as dumb a question as King thinks it is. Even though Minnesota players play in a dome, they still have to live in Minnesota, which is quite a lot colder than, say, Atlanta, where Johnson played his college ball. This was an issue for another Georgia Tech alum who ended up in the Twin Cities, Stephon Marbury, who played at the very indoor Target Center but still complained often of the cold, eventually forcing a trade to that noted tropical hotbed, New Jersey.

There also remains a chance, however unlikely, that the Vikes will actually someday build an outdoor stadium. But at the rate they're going, if they draft Johnson (which I hope they do, by the way), the new place will be ready around the time he retires.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 26, 2007 05:12 PM
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