February 28, 2007

Film Critic Quote of the Week

Armond White on David Fincher's "Zodiac":

"Problem is: Fincherís technique distracts from a resolved mystery or narrative closure; it encourages apathy that suggests resolution and absolution are impossible. Zodiacís ending is a shocking let-down, not because itís gruesome but because it nullifies itself. This time, Fincher puts everybodyís head in a box. Toschi and Graysmithís decades-long pursuit becomes a dead goose chase."
Critical reaction to "Zodiac" so far has been almost uniformly positive (89% on the Tomatometer), but I didn't care for it. It felt less like the great "Seven" than a really, really long episode of "CSI" or "Criminal Minds"- one in which they don't even solve the mystery at the end. Also, it's too long by about 45 minutes.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 28, 2007 06:56 PM
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