June 14, 2007

Obligatory Minnesota Sports Post

- I don't care how much time passes since '91- I still get a huge smile on my face every time the Twins play the Braves, and beat them. They played a 15-inning game in June of 2002, which felt like Game 8, and now they've won two in a row of this year's series. (UPDATE: Make it three! And just like Gene Larkin, it's won with a walk-off single.)

This Twins team is clearly flawed- there's not nearly enough offense- and Cleveland and Detroit look like the class of the AL Central this year. But, I'm encouraged by the young pitching, especially from Kevin Slowey. Now they just need to get Matt Garza up in the majors, get another bat or two, and sign Johan Santana for the next ten years. Shouldn't be too hard, should it?

- The Wolves yesterday traded Mike James for Juwan Howard, in a trade that would have excited me a lot more about ten years ago. They're a team that had 12 players, about nine of whom were guards, so I guess "getting bigger' was a priority this offseason. Getting rid of their six remaining bad contracts should be the next one.

As you may have noticed, I'm barely paying any attention to basketball anymore. Bill Simmons admitted in yesterday's column that he's a lot more excited about the offseason than about the current NBA Finals; I thought I was the only one!

- The team that makes the most sense for Daunte Culpepper is, of course, the Vikings, who are the league's most quarterback-needy team by a wide margin. But he won't go there, of course, likely because of the bad memories of 2005- a career-worst season (before last year, of course), tearing three knee ligaments at the same time, and that whole boat thing. It's a shame, too- and if his career ends, McNabb will be the last QB standing from the first round of '99.

Posted by Stephen Silver at June 14, 2007 04:50 PM
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