July 02, 2007

And You Thought It Was Unpleasant to Watch "Cold Pizza"

A makeup artist who once worked on the set of ESPN's unwatchable, now-defunct morning show, "Cold Pizza," has filed a sexual harassment suit against the network, as well as several individuals. The most disturbing accusations are against perennial network dweeb Woody Paige:

The lawsuit accuses Paige of grabbing Ragone's butt at least three times - in one case so hard that the makeup artist went airborne.

"Paige grabbed her butt so forcefully, Ragone, quite startled, was propelled forward and into the air," says the suit, which also accuses Paige of repeatedly rubbing the makeup artist's back and thighs and stroking her hair.

Yikes. Will this mean the end of Woody's on-air career? We can only hope.

Whether or not the accusations are true, I can state that the phrases "ESPN" and "sexual harassment" have been far from mutually exclusive over the years. And, Woody Paige is apparently no stranger to it either.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 2, 2007 04:59 PM
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