July 10, 2007

Today on E-Gear

There are four- count 'em, four- stories/pictures/videos of the iPhone, so check it out. Also, Sony cut the Blu-ray price (after saying they wouldn't); they put in solar panels at AT&T Park in San Francisco for the All-Star Game (hopefully one will block Barry Bonds' 756th homer), and the WWE and Harman International are fighting over the trademark to JBL. I actually called the WWE's press office last week for this story, and while they wouldn't comment, I'm sure they were relieved to finally get a phone call that wasn't about Chris Benoit.

And speaking of which, the oddest spectacle of the Benoit death has been the nightly appearances on cable news shows by obscure pro wrestlers of the past. Sean Hannity vs. the Ultimate Warrior! Larry King vs. John Cena! And here, Alan Colmes and Rich Lowry take on The Mountie, The Genius, and Superstar Billy Graham:

In another life, Nancy Grace would've made quite a great heel valet.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 10, 2007 04:53 PM
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