July 12, 2007

Jewphilia in Poland

In a development that marks quite a reversal of several millennia of history, Jewish culture is apparently now hip in Poland- among non-Jews. It might have helped us a bit if that trend had emerged in, say, 1937, but hey, we'll take it when we can get it. But still, this sort of reminds me of those Mexican kids in LA who, apropos of nothing, totally love Morrissey.

UPDATE: Speaking of Morrissey, he's in the news today! I guess he objected to meat-eating on the set of Letterman.

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 12, 2007 04:46 PM

The piano player in the photo on the first page - Daniel Gildar - used to be the cantor at my synagogue in Northeast Philly. And now he's in the NYT!
The Judeo-philia is a mix of capitalism and a massive guilt complex. There are still many more Jew haters in Poland than Jew lovers.

Posted by: LilB at July 13, 2007 02:48 PM

Its sad that you associate a historical antisemitsm with Poland. In fact Jews were invited to settle in Poland while other contries like Spain and Portugal frightend them away in the end of the 15. century. Thats one reason why Poland had the largest jewish community in europe.

It was against the law, unpatriotic and against the katholic education to assist the German Nazis in any aims they aspired on polish ground. Especially in persecute Jewish people.

In order to comprehend this important and complex issue i recommend a book you obviously have not read:

"The blood shed unites us: Pages from the history of help to the Jews in occupied Poland"
by Wladyslaw Bartoszewski

Posted by: MS at May 7, 2010 03:17 AM

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