July 16, 2007

Anti-"Who's Now" Quote of the Day

Does anyone like this stupid, totally pointless ESPN segment? I like what Newsweek's Devin Gordon has to say:

- Throughout July, ESPN's award-winning flagship news hour "SportsCenter" is devoting a chunk of every broadcast to a segment called "Who's Now." It's an elimination tournament, purely theoretical, to determine which current athlete is the most "now"—although two weeks into the competition, it's still anyone's guess what exactly "now" means. A panel of experts, including ex-NFL diva Keyshawn Johnson, debate whether, say, the NBA's Dwyane Wade or snowboarder Shaun White is more "now." Viewers vote online, and the winner moves on to face Tiger Woods in the next round. And so on. Everything about the segment is so artificial, from concept to execution, that watching it is like chewing Styrofoam.
A FireJoeMorgan correspondent has another idea:
"I have an idea for what to do after "Who's Now?" is over. It's called "what time is it?" A panel of ESPN experts would sit around and argue about what time it was. They would never agree because the time would always be changing. People could vote on-line and the it would all depend on when they voted.

At the end you would have some idea of what time it was."

Since they'd run that segment about 15 times a day, everyone would be right!

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 16, 2007 05:01 PM
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