July 26, 2007

You Stay Classy, Barry

Bob Costas ran a well-done interview with BALCO chemist Patrick Arnold on his HBO show this week, during which Arnold pretty much confirmed that Bonds must have known that he was using steroids. How'd the slugger react? Like this:

Bonds called Costas, "a little, midget man who absolutely knows jack [bleep] about baseball. Never played the game before. You can tell Bob Costas what I called him.

"I can't wait to see him face to face someday."

Which is worse- this, or Gary Sheffield claiming his use of the Cream and the Clear doesn't count as steroid use because "steroids is something you shoot in your butt"?

Posted by Stephen Silver at July 26, 2007 01:45 PM

hehe, did you see Costa's reply?

NEW YORK (AP) - A day after Barry Bonds called him a "little midget man who knows (nothing) about baseball," broadcaster Bob Costas said he wasn't upset with the San Francisco Giants slugger and responded with a jab of his own.

"As anyone can plainly see, I'm 5-6 1/2 and a strapping 150, and unlike some people, I came by all of it naturally," Costas said Thursday in a telephone interview.


Posted by: Mr. Bingley at July 27, 2007 09:29 AM
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