August 06, 2007

Quote of the Day

Joe Posnanski, author of the best book ("The Soul of Baseball") that I've read all year, talks sense about Aaron and Bonds in an interview with Gelf Magazine:

"To me, Hank Aaron doesn't have to answer to anyone. He broke Babe Ruth's record while being hounded by death threats, while his daughter had to be under FBI protection, while racist letters flooded his mailbox. To me, this man has done enough. He doesn't have to answer any questions, and he doesn't have to make any appearances, and he doesn't have to fly across the country to be in the stands.
What bothers me most is that everyone wants Hank Aaron to be a spokesman for their position. The anti-Barry people want him to publicly call out Barry Bonds. Well, Hank Aaron is too classy a man to do that. The pro-Barry people want him to be involved in some sort of dog-and-pony show and appear when Bonds breaks his record. Well, I imagine that Hank Aaron has strong enough feelings that he simply won't do that. To me, he's handled it just right, and I don't understand how people can't appreciate class when they see it."
Makes a whole lot more sense to me than that piece arguing that by not congratulating Bonds, Aaron is being a "playa hater."

Posted by Stephen Silver at August 6, 2007 05:19 PM
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