September 07, 2007

Film Critic Quote of the Week

The WSJ's Joe Morgenstern, on "3:10 to Yuma":

The basic plot survives intact, and intriguing as ever. The picture looks great: Phedon Papamichael's elegant color cinematography has replaced Charles Lawton Jr.'s elegant black-and-white cinematography. And the action sequences are impressive, for a while. Yet the whole enterprise is seriously out of scale. What began half a century ago as a small, taut Western has become an extended, self-serious and, in the end, ludicrously distended spectacle that seems to bring the Yuma train to the station 20 minutes late.
I saw it the other night, and consider it as completely and totally average. I had trouble thinking of what to write in my review. But I did not, any point, think to e-mail the director and ask for a nude photo of one of the actresses in it, as this guy did. If only he'd done the same thing after seeing "High School Musical"...

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 7, 2007 01:18 PM
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