September 10, 2007

Also Known As "No Law at All"

News Item: Law School to Offer Course on "The Law of '24'"

I'd love for them to explain how Jack can repeatedly escape custody, hold people at gunpoint, etc., and never be prosecuted for anything. Was he given a Bond-like "license to kill" at some point between seasons?

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 10, 2007 05:01 PM

sounds like an awesome course. too bad that a). I don't watch 24, and b). I've been out of law school 2 years (and c.) there are no retired generals on 'nova's law faculty). But it did look like Larry and Cheryl were falsely imprisoned by Funkhouser (who also knowingly served them black penis).

Posted by: LilB at September 11, 2007 10:58 AM
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