September 10, 2007

Week 1 Notes

You could say the Eagles' special teams were "special," after all, in their Week 1 loss to the Packers at LAM-BOW FIELD. Two turnovers caused by kick-return fumbles doomed the Iggles, who didn't look particularly great on offense either. The Phillies played (and won) yesterday too, at the same time as the Eagles' game; I'm guessing there were ubiquitous E-A-G-L-E-S chants among the 25 people who showed up at Citizen's Bank Park.

But how about those Vikings, huh? They knocked out the Falcons' Ewing Theory prospects with a decisive victory in their opener. Tarvaris Jackson didn't even play that badly. Who knows, there may be hope for them yet. In my fantasy league, I was greatly buoyed by Peterson- but lost to my opponent, thanks to the Vikings' defense.

- That's great for Randy Moss. But, this doesn't mean he's not ever going to run over a cop or toll collector on the Mass Pike, just so you know.

- The pre-game shows were typically embarrassing. The next time I laugh at Fox's Madden impersonator will be the first, and ESPN's 10-year-old kid didn't bring much to the table either. As for the Jimmy Johnson/Barry Switzer segment? My fellow Minnesotans- didn't it remind you of that Sunday night show where Sid, Reusse, and Dark Star sit around and talk sports like the rambling old men that they are?

Also, for the first time ever, I managed to survive the first week of my knockout pool (the Glen Macnow version.) Thanks, Steelers!

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 10, 2007 05:02 PM
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