September 12, 2007

Defending Britney

Sort of, anyway. Fagistan has this to say about the anti-Britney reaction:

Is she perhaps out of shape? Sure! But she's popped out two babies and hasn't worked for a long time. She may well not be in the kind of physical shape it requires to do the dance routines she used to be so great at. Certainly all that muscle tone seems to have gone the way of the Brontosaurus. But the girl is anything but fat. Looking at the photos, I can still see at least several of her ribs. She looks far better in that bikini, I'd bet, than any of the people calling her a cow would.

Why does Britney's decision not to undergo a grueling workout routine before taking the stage suddenly become a huge moral failing? There are millions of women struggling to get a body like Britney's and now we're telling them that even if they achieve it they'll still be too fat and ugly to be seen in respectable company?

Was she lethargic? Uncharismatic? Generally embarrassing? You betcha. But fat? I wouldn't say so.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 12, 2007 05:10 PM
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