September 14, 2007

Return of the Rock

CBS Radio's plan to replace Howard Stern with the "Free FM" format died its final death on Wednesday when Philadelphia's WYSP officially flipped back to an all-rock format.

After Stern embarked to Sirius two years ago, CBS decided to flip several of its East Coast rock stations into all-shock jock formats to compete with Stern, a plan that began with the disastrous hiring of David Lee Roth to do a morning show. That experiment ended after four months, and the stations, including K-Rock in New York, have slowly switched back to rock. YSP was the last of those on the East Coast, although even the Philly station dropped the "Free FM" monicker months ago. (LA and Detroit still use the Free FM name)

"The Kidd Chris Show," the only talk show on the station that's actually listenable, will remain, along with "Opie and Anthony," but two of Kidd Show's mainstays- Monkeyboy and producer Brad Maybe- were let go. The station will re-launch officially Monday.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 14, 2007 04:49 PM
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