September 18, 2007

First, They Came For the File Sharing Sites

News Item: Music publishers push for shutdown of lyrics websites

How tone deaf can an industry get? It started with their shutdown of the OLGA (the Online Guitar Archive), and then there was the RIAA/Napster battle. Now, we can't even look up the lyrics without the National Music Publishers Association threatening the sites with lawsuits.

The publishers, of course, are trying to start their own "official" versions of the sites. But come on- I use the sites at least once a week- I'll hear a song on the radio, in a restaurant, or in a movie, I'll google the lyrics, find them, and then download the song. I'm sure I'm not the only person who does this. Is the music industry, which is on the brink of collapse, really that desperate? I guess they are.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 18, 2007 04:37 PM
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