September 18, 2007

Ten in a Row!

Fans of WYSP's Kidd Chris Show got a huge scare yesterday, when the show returned from its format/flip hiatus. When the show started at 3, it consisted of... playing music, along with 2-minute-long, not-particularly-funny canned bits featuring Chris and sidekick Thomas constantly repeating the phrase "the Rock is Back!"

What a disappointment, my friends and I all thought. Chris' heavily Stern-influcenced talk show was consistently hilarious and irreverent, to the point where I listened religiously, something I never did even when Stern was on terrestrial. Just because the rest of the station had flipped to rock, I figured, why must Chris become a glorified DJ, especially since his show was highly rated and popular?

Alas, our fears were misplaced. According to the Philadelphia Daily News (and an e-mail sent by the show contributor known as Skidmark), the show will exist in its current form for an undetermined period, to "establish the rock," before reverting to the 4-hour-a-day, all-talk, Telephone Jihad-filled broadcast we all know and love. And Chris confirmed this on the air today. Hallelujah.

So Chris will be staying in Philly. Stephen A. Smith, it appears, will not.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 18, 2007 04:49 PM
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