September 25, 2007

MSG Horror

This Isiah Thomas sexual harassment trial has been like a gift that keeps on giving, both for comedy's sake and Knick-hating's sake, with at least one howler in the paper every day. The funniest thing yet? The Big Lead's take on New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser's piece:

Also, for pure comedic value, please read nutty Andrea Peyser's take on all this. If you're not in NY and you've never read her, think about an angry Mitch Albom. Then triple that anger, and you're in the vicinity. The title of her column: BALL GIRL IN SLICK SWAP OF COUSINS. The guy who sent us this link called it ‘hardcore pornography.'
Every Peyser column is exactly the same: "You know that guy who killed his wife/raped a woman/stole from the government? He's really, really bad!" Here, she discusses former Knicks intern Kathleen Decker, who allegedly had sex in a car outside a strip club with Stephon Marbury:
The young lady who made her indelible mark on her back - or her knees - in basketball star Stephon Marbury's truck testified in a loud voice, sorely lacking in diction and grammar, that she currently works making "dreams come true" for poor kids.

But it was clear that the dreams Kathleen is qualified to fulfill involve grown men and stationary cars.

The vehicular vixen talked about the night her life took a sharp turn for the better. It was April 2005 - her birthday - when she visited Sue's Rendezvous strip club in Mount Vernon.

Her group ran into Marbury and his no-good cousin, Hassan Gonsalves, with whom, in a startling lack of planning, Kathleen was involved in "a relationship."

The biggest surprise of all this? Marbury has a "no-good cousin," and it's not Sebastian Telfair.

Posted by Stephen Silver at September 25, 2007 05:22 PM
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