October 01, 2007

Philadelphia Stars

You know, when I moved to Philadelphia just over two years ago, one thing I figured was that I'd run into fewer celebrities than I did in my New York years. There aren't as many nationally or internationally known folks around here- other than, oh, athletes and news anchors- and besides, I drive now instead of walking around.

However, in terms of running into the famous, last week was one for the ages (and I spent last weekend in New York, where I saw not a single celeb anywhere.)

On Thursday, I was walking by the Philadelphia Inquirer building on the way to lunch, and who do I see being interviewed in front, but Bono himself. The U2 frontman was in town getting the Liberty Medal at the Constitution Center; here's the NBC-10 interview that I was standing a few feet away from.

The next day saw a visit to town by Jerry Seinfeld, who was promoting his new "Bee Movie," and this time I was actually covering it as a reporter. They showed some footage, and Jerry himself was introduced by the Inquirer's Brian Tierney, who went on to taunt the Mets fan about recent baseball events. Then, at a press conference, I got to ask some questions of Jerry and the directors.

The movie looked good (like "Ratatouille," only with bees), and Seinfeld still looks exactly like he did when the show ended nine years ago. He also vowed, alas, that he'll never create another TV series.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 1, 2007 01:44 AM
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