October 02, 2007

Film Critic Quote of the Day

I didn't think it possible for Brad Pitt to be in a three-hour film that's worse than "Babel," but he's managed it. Here's Salon's Stephanie Zacharek, eviscerating Pitt's subpar new Western:

"Spoiler alert: Jesse James dies in "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford." Robert Ford is the one who pulls the trigger. If you care only about whodunit and not about how and why, "The Assassination of Jesse James" isn't for you. Then again, if you care even remotely about how and why -- or even just about staying awake -- "The Assassination of Jesse James" really isn't for you... The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" represents a breakthrough in the moviegoing experience. It may be the first time we've been asked to watch a book on tape.
I saw this last night, it's unquestionably the slowest, most boring movie of the year. If you're looking for a two hour, forty-minute movie that feels twice as long, in which there's practically no action and, in fact, not much of anything happening at all, then this is the movie for you.

I had a nearly three-hour meeting at work today. It was about the same length as "Jesse James"- but given the choice, I think I'd rather sit through the meeting again than the movie.

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 2, 2007 05:27 PM

I liked the Good Shepherd and that was long and kind of slow but alot of people I know didn't like it. Is it bad like that or just a bad film in general?

Posted by: A at October 2, 2007 07:18 PM

To be honest, Babel had 2 very good movies in it, and then there was the part with Brad Pitt. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise you that he could be in another bad film.

Posted by: Dan at October 3, 2007 05:14 PM
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