October 12, 2007

TV Critic Quote of the Week

Larry Dobrow, in a dynamite CBSSports.com piece eviscerating the MLB playoff coverage:

I happen to think Frank Caliendo is a funny guy and a legitimately gifted mimic. That Pacino impression? HOO-ah!

Unfortunately, in a decision almost certainly not made by Caliendo or anybody in his sphere of influence, baseball fans have been treated to an ad for his new show immediately after every half-inning of the 12 games broadcast so far. This comes out to 216 ads through Sunday, and that might well shortchange the actual sum by a bit. I can't imagine what else Caliendo has to offer beyond what we have already been asked to view, so I will not watch his show. Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines "overkill" as "the obliteration (of a target) with more nuclear force than required."

As for Dane Cook, well, it seems almost piling on to restate the obvious: That he's not funny or appealing, and that MLB couldn't have chosen a worse fit for its core audience of smartasses and shut-ins. Just for sport, though, here are a few personalities who could have been almost as bad: Andy Rooney, due to his onrushing senility; Bette Midler, owing to her inclination to break into song; and anyone surnamed "Affleck."

Posted by Stephen Silver at October 12, 2007 05:05 PM
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