November 01, 2007

Rejecting George

No, I'm not for the Vikings signing Jeff George. I've made that clear; I don't think there's anyone in America other than George himself and Jason Whitlock, who think that's a good idea. At any rate, looks like it's not happening; here's what Coach Chilly had to say about it:

During his news conference Wednesday, Childress was asked about George's interest in his club and his thoughts on players who may be on the downside of their careers.

"Probably maybe go to a fantasy camp or something like that," Childress said. "Downside would probably be - I think - kind."

George was taken aback by Childress' comment.

"It kind of catches me off guard," George said. "I don't know how to comment on that."

Memo to the coach: You have three quarterbacks. They all horribly, unquestionably suck, and you had either a singular or primary role in bringing each of them to Minnesota. Tarvaris Jackson, in particular, seems better-suited for fantasy camp than for NFL stadiums. Who the hell are you to knock down someone's NFL aspirations, when the guys who yourself chose clearly can't get the job done?

At this point I almost wish for a George signing, just to see him tear into Childress on the sideline. And if that doesn't work, maybe they can bring in June Jones as coach. Bring back the run-and-shoot offense, maybe try to draft Colt Brennan. Too bad the Vikes are about four good receivers short.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 1, 2007 04:36 PM
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