November 01, 2007

Don Vito, Convicted

Remember that whole thing about Don Vito, Bam Margera's uncle from "Viva La Bam," being arrested for groping underage girls? His entire trial somehow took place without my hearing about it, but he's now been convicted, and may be facing life imprisonment. I'm still wondering how the case got to the jury so quickly; R. Kelly is somehow still awaiting trial, and his arrest was like six years ago.

The weirdest part of the case, which was adjudicated in Colorado? Margera's lawyer is Pamela Mackey. Mackey was, as you may remember, the lawyer for another Philadelphian charged for sex crimes in Colorado- Kobe Bryant. Her legal strategy, according to the AP report:

Defense attorney Pamela Mackey had argued that when Margera appeared at the skate park, he took on the persona of the outrageous and profane Don Vito. Mackey had said that Margera, a car painter, learned that the crazier he acted, the more his fans loved it.
Exactly the type of argument I'd expect to hear from the sort of attorney who gives wobblejobs to homeless guys.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 1, 2007 04:39 PM
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