November 02, 2007

The Case Against Russert

I still love "Meet the Press," but I can see where Paul Waldman is coming from in this TAP piece about the embrace of stupid triviality in the presidential race:

"The two parties' nominees will be decided three months from now, and we can be sure that in that time, at least one or two candidates will have their campaigns upended by the answer they gave to an absurd question, delivered by Tim Russert or someone like him, about what their favorite Bible verse is, or whom they want to win the Super Bowl, or what kind of beer they like. "Aha!" the reporters will shout, as though they actually unearthed something revealing on which the race for the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth should be decided. The one whose tiny little mind devised the question will be praised to the stars for his journalistic acumen."

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 2, 2007 04:50 PM
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