November 05, 2007


Not bad for a backup, huh?

The Vikings' Adrian Peterson on Sunday set a new NFL record for individual rushing yards in a game, rushing for 296 yards to lead the Vikings to a 35-17 victory over San Diego. The record-breaking day also put Peterson over 1,000 yards for the season, just halfway into the schedule.

Playing multiple, ineffective quarterbacks once again, the Vikes found a groundbreaking, ingenious strategy: don't throw the ball, at all, and just hand it off to Peterson and Chester Taylor. It's the sort of thing the WIP callers have been demanding of Andy Reid for years- too bad even if they did it, they wouldn't be any better.

Jim Souhan writes that a victory for the Vikings over the Chargers should inspire Minnesota to hire Marty Schottenheimer. Let's just all forget that we ever read that, can we please?

Speaking of the Iggles, I was on hand at the Linc last night for the inevitable conclusion of their season, as they were blown out by Dallas. The offense was bad as usual, but this time the defense utterly failed as well. It's sad to see this near-dynasty coming to an end, as the stands mostly emptied about halfway through the third quarter.

The game was depressing enough; but the near-fight I witnessed in the mens' room during halftime was even worse. Two guys came in. Guy #1 started screaming to anyone who would listen that Guy #2 was a closet Dallas fan, even though Guy #2 was wearing no Cowboys insignias whatsoever. Then Guy #1 started slapping Guy #2, and most of the rest of the room reacted by calling Guy #1 a "pussy," because he was merely slapping and not punching Guy #2. All in all an ugly scene.

I wrote last week that the Vikings/Eagles game at the Dome was not all that different than the typical game in Philly -indeed, in both the home team lost and was booed lustily. But I've never seen that sort of mens' room violence anywhere in Minnesota- insert Larry Craig joke here.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 5, 2007 04:45 PM

Nah, that guy wasn't a Cowboys fan. A real 'Boys fan wouldn't let himself get slapped.

Posted by: Karol at November 6, 2007 01:10 AM
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