November 07, 2007

Lidge to Philly

Four years after the Billy Wagner trade, the Phillies have once again acquired a closer from the Astros. But this time, Ed Wade is on the opposite side of the trade.

The Phils got Lidge, along with infielder Eric Bruntlett, for outfielder Michael Bourn, reliever Geoff Geary and minor-league infielder Mike Costanzo. The move presumably means that Brett Myers will be returning to the rotation.

I'd say, from a Phillies standpoint, that I like the move, with some reservations. Adding Myers to the rotation is certainly a better bet than most of the free agent pitchers out there, and I like that the Phils struck first in the offseason, it's the sort of thing they tend not to ever do.

As for reservations, I liked Bourn a lot, and had the idea that he could someday be a centerfielder and leadoff hitter. I also always liked Geary, even though he sucked last year, and Costanzo had the advantage of being 1) a local guy, 2) a third baseman, which the team needs, and 3) someone with a last name just one letter away from "Costanza." Other than that though, good deal.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 7, 2007 11:19 PM
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