November 08, 2007

"Wire" Analogy of the Day

Here's Jason Whitlock, apparently not having read any Philly newspaper in the past six months or so, arguing about Andy Reid "getting a pass from the media":

Only the uninformed, butt-kissing media members or delusional Eagles fans believe any of this transpired without Andy and Tammy Reid knowing. The judge didn't buy it. That's why he was critical. I credit the judge for talking to the Reids the same way he would D'Angelo Barksdale's mama, Brianna (the final season of The Wire starts in January).
Does this mean Tammy Reid will talk Britt and Garrett into not snitching, so as to save the family business, at which point Jeffrey Lurie arranges for the Reid boys to "commit suicide" in their jail cell?

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 8, 2007 05:24 PM
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