November 09, 2007

Weapon of Choice

New York magazine's Vulture blog has a list of the 7 best movie weapons of 2007; having seen "No Country For Old Men" the other night, I can't help but agree with its #1 pick, that oxygen tank/cattle gun contraption that Javier Bardem uses in it. In fact, it's on the short list of best movie weapons ever, and on the '07 list it tops Kurt Russell's car and Rose McGowan's machine gun leg (both from "Grindhouse") and Viggo Mortensen's penis (from "Eastern Promises.")

As for 'No Country' itself, I liked it but didn't love it. Great characters- especially Bardem, who's an Oscar shoo-in at this point- and a few great set pieces, but it was just a little too slow and draggy, and I had problems with the ending too. I put it squarely in the middle of the Coen canon, better than the last couple but not as good as "Fargo," "Man Who Wasn't There," "Blood Simple," "Lebowski" or "Miller's Crossing."

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 9, 2007 05:11 PM

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