November 19, 2007

"It's About That Time of Year"

Yes, the reaction to the latest McNabb injury by Jonathan Last's non-football-watching-wife was quite amusing.

For the second straight week, the Eagles pulled off a win Sunday, to put themselves at 5-5, though no one in Philly seems particularly happy about the win. It might be because McNabb first played horribly and then got hurt again- this time, it's his ankle and thumb. A.J. Feeley didn't look much better, but the defense gave up no points- the only Miami score was a Ted Ginn return for a touchdown- and Philly prevailed 17-7 to keep Miami winless.

On the WIP morning show, opinion was divided. Angelo Cataldi argued that the Eagles, despite denials, absolutely won't start McNabb next Sunday and will lie about it until Friday; whereas several callers were sure that McNabb is in fact faking the injury. All present seemed to agree that it was wrong for McNabb to come back out onto the sideline if he wasn't going to play again; it reminded me of last year, after his injury, when McNabb watched some games from the press box and others from the sidelines. When he did the former, he "wasn't there for his teammates"; when he did the latter, he was "upstaging them."

As for the Vikings, they pulled out a win as well, beating old friend Daunte Culpepper and the Raiders. Chester Taylor filled in ably for Adrian Peterson on both the Vikings and my fantasy team, scoring three TDs, and most shockingly of all, Tarvaris Jackson both had a semi-decent game and did not leave due to injury! But let's hope Tarvaris doesn't have TOO many good games; the Vikes still need an '08 upgrade.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 19, 2007 05:07 PM
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