November 20, 2007

TV Critic Quote of the Week

Yes, 10 billion promos later, "Frank TV" is finally here- and Alan Sepinwall isn't impressed:

Every year, there are one or two new TV shows that get overhyped during a major sporting event. And for every one that works ("The Closer," plugged ad nauseam during TNT's '05 NBA playoff coverage), there are a half-dozen where viewers openly rebelled at having their senses assaulted (say, Fox's '03 soap "Skin," where Ron Silver's unintentionally hilarious promo cry of "His father is the district attorney!" still cracks up my friends; yes, we are sad, sad men). And I'm not sure I've ever seen a campaign as ubiquitous as TBS' "Frank TV" blitz. Not only was Caliendo in every commercial break, but his face was constantly popping up in on-screen graphics, and I'm pretty sure he was impersonating an umpire at the moment when the midges attacked Joba Chamberlain.
Speaking of "His Father is the District Attorney!," Ron Silver is now blogging. While my sort-of-neocon phase ended three or four years ago, Ron's apparently never did.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 20, 2007 03:00 PM
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