November 22, 2007

Farewell, Torii

News Item: Torii Hunter Leaves Twins, Signs With Angels

I knew it was coming, but it still sucks. I don't really get why the Angels needed Hunter- they already had like four outfielders, and signed another CF, Gary Matthews, to a five-year deal just a year ago. The numbers he got- 5 years, $90 million- would appear to signal that Aaron Rowand will get slightly less, which puts him out of the Phillies' price range.

Now it's time for the Twins to rebuild. Trade Santana for five good young players. Trade Nathan too, and get something for him. Build around who you get back, plus the rest of what's coming in from the farm system, and aim at contending in 2010, when the new park opens. It might suck for awhile, especialy with the Wolves having just done the exact same thing, but it doesn't mean it isn't the right thing.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 22, 2007 12:24 PM
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