November 22, 2007

Long-Ago Movie Critic Quote of the Week

Nathan Rabin, in his sublime "My Year of Flops" series, looks at the Madonna bomb "Body of Evidence":

With Evidence, one of the worlds preeminent sex symbols bombed spectacularly as a screen vixen. Then again, Im not entirely convinced that Madonna wasnt somehow willed into existence some time in the late 70s by Camile Paglia. Its as if Paglia was sitting around one day and thought Wow, if only there was one virgin-whore-bitch-goddess-sinner-saint-icon-God who could embody every pretentious idea Ive ever had. Then Id be set. Bam! Suddenly a full-grown Madonna would materialize out of thin air and masturbate with a big black crucifix while dressed as Elvis.
Et tu, Camile?

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 22, 2007 12:30 PM
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