November 27, 2007

McNabb/Feeley Quote of the Day

It's hard to disagree with a word of what says:

"There is a double standard in Philadelphia. I don't think it's caused by one singular thing but rather a combination of a whole lot of things. If Donovan McNabb went out on Sunday night against the Patriots and put up the same exact game that A.J. Feeley put up, Philadelphia would be calling him a choker who can't win under pressure. Feeley on the other hand is looked at as a savior for keeping the Birds close. Does McNabb's paycheck come into play? Sure. Does McNabb's inability to know when to say the right thing and/or keep his mouth shut come into play? Absolutely. Does the fact that Feeley steps in and right away gets the offense going come into play? No doubt. Is race a factor? I kind of think it is."
All that said, I still say Feeley, since he's healthier, should start Sunday against Seattle. It's also hard to disagree with what one commenter over there says:
For a portion of Philly fans, the anti-McNabb sentiment has always, always gone beyond criticizing his game, and extended to brutal personal insults toward him, his family, his appearance, and his perceived intelligence. And, like others have said, any gathering of Eagles fans after a loss is almost guaranteed to feature at least one idiot throwing out racial slurs. The people who deny the role race plays must have never been to an Eagles game, or a bar in Philly, or a Thanksgiving dinner in Philly, or anywhere where white people gather in Philly. It's there, and it's impossible to deny.
Don't get me wrong, I love living in Philly. But that sort of casual racism that is, let's face it, all over the place here bothers me quite a lot.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 27, 2007 05:34 PM
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