November 29, 2007

Today's Writings

On E-Gear, Verizon's network is being opened up to any phone that "meets its specifications," so you'll be able to buy a phone at Best Buy, call Verizon, and get service. It doesn't work with the iPhone, though. Also, a group of Geek Squad employees in Minneapolis are fans of "Chuck," although they're jealous that, unlike them, Chuck gets to have adventures, and hook up with beautiful women.

Also, on Dealerscope, here's one of the periodic crime stories I always put on the site: A Milwaukee-area Kmart became engulfed in chaos due to a computer glitch that caused every single credit card applicant to be approved, regardless of credit history. This led to a rumor that "free money," or at least $4,000 of instant in-store credit, was available to anyone who wanted it- leading to huge crowds, and eventually fisticuffs and multiple arrests. Kmart eventually turned off the spigot, but even after that one enterprising fellow took several credit card applications from a nearby Kmart and began selling them outside the first store, for $20 a pop.

Posted by Stephen Silver at November 29, 2007 05:20 PM
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