December 03, 2007

Feeley is Who We Thought He Was!

Every Eagles fan who talked themselves into A.J. Feeley has a lot to answer for after Sunday's game, when lifelong backup reverted to his normally sucky self in a loss to Seattle. Feeley threw four interceptions, including on the first and last plays from scrimmage of the game, as the Eagles fell to 5-7, their playoff hopes hanging by a thread. I was there, along with Becca, Bill and his wife Christie, and aside from the loss and the blizzard-like weather conditions, it was a fine afternoon.

Yes, I know everyone in Philly spent the entire last week raving about the offense "runs better" with Feeley, because he's "more accurate" than McNabb, and because the players "trust him more." But then Feeley blew it by having the sort of game that would likely get Donovan run out of town with the same stats. I said this last year (when he was up against Jeff Garcia), and I'll say it again now: Feeley has had one good month in his career (for the Eagles in 2003), and had done not much of anything since. He can have a good game every now and again, but he's about one-fiftieth of the quarterback Donovan McNabb is. You can call him "scrappy" and "gutsy" and use all those other meaningless words just for players you can't think of a rational reason to like, but that doesn't change the simply fact that Feeley sucks, always has, and likely always will.

Speaking of Donovan, who may or may not be back next week, Phil Sheridan (as usual) had the best take in the Inquirer Sunday:

"The problem here isn't McNabb; it's the rest of the team. The problem isn't that McNabb isn't a good enough leader; it's that he's on a team without enough good followers. The rest of the Eagles know that McNabb will absorb a disproportionate amount of criticism and blame when things go wrong. He is the lightning rod that keeps the rest of them from taking any direct hits from the fans and reporters. That's true to an extent for most quarterbacks, but not to the absurd degree it is here, where McNabb gets ripped for his facial expressions, where and when he stands on the sideline, what his mother writes on a blog and so on, ad nauseam.

In his case, literally ad nauseam."

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 3, 2007 04:49 PM
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