December 07, 2007

5 Alive in Philly

My McNabb-to-the-Vikings dream is looking pretty dead, for two reasons: Tarvaris Jackson is looking like he may actually be able to play after all, and Joe Banner said last night on Howard Eskin's show that he "can't envision" McNabb (and Andy Reid) not returning to the Eagles in 2008.

It may, of course, be bullshit postering; McNabb, for all we know, could demand a trade, or the team could balk at paying his huge roster bonus after the season, leading to an ultimatum from the QB. But the fact is, if the Eagles let McNabb go it's going to be awhile before the Eagles are good again. Kevin Kolb won't be ready for '08, and A.J. Feeley won't be ready, ever.

See above link for further confirmation of the two Philly dailies' apparent policy of never, ever using Eskin's name, and see also this funny graphic from Pro Football Talk.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 7, 2007 04:21 PM
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