December 10, 2007

Vikings Alive; Eagles Not So Much

Remember a month ago, when we all thought the Vikings were nothing without Adrian Peterson? They've now won four straight games, two of which had Peterson out with an injury, and a third, yesterday's, when the Vikes crushed the 49ers 27-7, even though Purple Jesus rushed for just three yards on 14 carries. (Peterson's performance, alas, led to the elimination of my fantasy team, which lost the semi-final game this week.)

The Vikings, almost unbelievably, are now in playoff position in the NFC, and it appears the NFC playoff picture is just about set with three weeks left. Not included in that picture? The Eagles, who I saw lose to the Giants 16-13 at the Linc.

I could rehash everything bad that happened, but I'll just say this: At halftime, I saw a guy in an Eagles jersey straggling nondescriptly down the concourse while periodically vomiting on himself. As the aisle opened from people wanting to get out of his path, he was given a free path into the mens' room- but not before getting a not-so-trivial amount of vomit onto the Giants jersey of the guy in front of me. I'd say Mr. Yak got more offense in on the Giants than his favorite team did on Sunday.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 10, 2007 05:05 PM
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