December 13, 2007

You Slept With Who?

A note to "controversial" female celebrities going on shock-jock morning shows and giving "clues" about famous people you've slept with- they're going to figure you out eventually.

According to the blog The Big Lead, comic Lisa Lampanelli appeared on Howard Stern the other day and described an athlete she recently bedded as a Chicago Bears player who "has tattoos, isnít a starter but isnít on the practice squad, is black, and had an injured ankle at one point this year." Through the ingenuity of the sports blogosphere, it was figured out within hours that the Bear in question was one of two or three players (Trumaine McBride, Kevin Payne or Josh Gattis.)

The porn star/former gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey wasn't so lucky. Appearing on Philly's Kidd Chris Show earlier this week, she mentioned having slept with an NBA player who is from Philly, but has since died. And, also from Big Lead, I learn that Mary went on Stern last year and talked about having slept with "a tall Minnesota Timberwolves player who flew her into town more than once." Come on Mary- if you're going to do "blind items," either make it more of a mystery, or just come right out and say "I had sex with Eddie Griffin."

Kidd Chris, meanwhile is making the adjustment to mornings quite well- see some of their recent YouTubes for visual evidence- but they've really got to lose the hourly sports updates from perennial local radio idiot "Vinnie the Crumb." Vinnie's schtick- coming up with silly nicknames for all the teams and players- was really cutting-edge back when Chris Berman started doing it in 1982, and his attempts at raunchiness tend to be more gag-worthy than funny. Raunchy humor about sports can work- I can think of a couple of blogs that do it quite well- just not when Vinnie does it. I guess there's a reason he's been fired from every station in town.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 13, 2007 05:08 PM

Evan and I saw the Grmamy nominated Lisa Laminelli when she was still an unknown at Comic Strip Live. If fact, you may have been with was the same night we saw Ellen Kleghorn.

Posted by: A at December 13, 2007 06:01 PM
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