December 17, 2007

Understanding Mitchell

Have any questions about the Mitchell Report? Shysterball is the place to go for an in-depth, very entertaining analysis from a lawyer's point of view. My favorite part:

John Rocker, p. 253:
Rocker initially denied the [Applied Pharmacy] allegations, but his spokesperson later reportedly said that Rocker had been prescribed human growth hormone in connection with shoulder surgery.

John Rocker has a spokesman? Where was she back in December 1999 when Jeff Pearlman was asking him about the freaks on the 7 train?

Maybe his spokeswoman was Kimberly Etheridge.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 17, 2007 04:07 PM

Badly need your help. If your parents never had children, chances are you won't, either.
I am from Kenya and too bad know English, give please true I wrote the following sentence: "Blocker and detective kima greggs."

Thanks for the help :P, Annika.

Posted by: Annika at September 5, 2009 07:31 PM
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