December 17, 2007

Eagles Win; Will Donovan Stay?

The Philadelphia Eagles pulled off a shocking victory over the Dallas Cowboys Sunday, beating their hated rivals 10-6, in Dallas, while totally shutting down both Tony Romo and Terrell Owens and becoming just the second team to beat the Cowboys this (after the Patriots.)

So there's been a convincing victory, on the road, over the team's most hated rival. So you'd think people in Philly would be pretty happy this morning, right? Yea, right. Once again, they're up in arms about Something Donovan Said. During the game, Fox Sports' Pam Oliver- becoming the first sideline reporter of the season to actually break a news story- said that she had gotten the impression from talking to McNabb that his days in Philly are numbered, and adding that "My knee is not an issue. The next place I go, I will win, and also that he will keep a smile on his face for as long hes in an Eagles uniform.

Angelo Cataldi this morning was, literally, screaming (as usual) that he couldn't enjoy a victory over the Cowboys because, I quote directly, "this is so annoying." But really, he should be happy- Cataldi will finally get his wish, of Donovan being gone. Maybe they can bring in Ricky Williams to replace him.

My other favorite media reaction: In a discussion on Comcast Sports Net's Postgame Live, Ray Didinger went through the usual litany of talking points about how McNabb shouldn't bitch so much because quarterbacks everywhere get booed, even Ron Jaworski got booed in Philly. And besides, John Elway got booed in Denver. At which point panelist and ex-Eagle Vaughn Hebron interjected that in three seasons playing with Elway with the Broncos, he never heard Elway booed, ever. Funny, I didn't remember that ever happening either.

Look- if you look at his numbers, McNabb's not having such a bad year. He beat the second-best team in the league Sunday and looked much better than Tony Romo while doing it. And with him, right now, injury and all, the Eagles have a better quarterback situation than more than half the teams in the league. I have no doubt whatsoever that if McNabb goes to another team next year he'll absolutely dominate, with a year more of rehab time, and the added advantage of no longer playing in a city where 50 percent of the fan base hates his guts for no discernible reason.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 17, 2007 04:09 PM
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