December 18, 2007

Sports Radio Moment of the Day

I definitely have to go with the moment on Sports Radio 950's morning show today, when a collar told the hosts that he knows Philly wants McNabb to leave, because he saw a poll that said 60 percent of local fans wanted Donovan gone.

Where was the poll conducted, the hosts asked?*, the caller answered.

One of the hosts, I believe Michael Bradley, had to explain that web-based polls tend not to be so scientific. And, that people who are naturally predisposed to favor a McNabb trade would tend to be mathematically over-represented in the sample size at a site called

Another reason to love the 950 morning show- it's got the greatest Web site URL in town- Co-host Glenn Foley (the ex-Jets quarterback) wanted it to be BigScoop.Deez, but was informed that ".deez" is not a valid country suffix.

*An alternate URL to would be And attention, Houston Astros fans: The domain name is available!

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 18, 2007 05:17 PM
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