December 19, 2007

Sports Radio Moment of the Day

That the Donovan McNabb/Pam Oliver controversy is still going strong three days later is a testament to just how obsessed Philadelphia is, and will likely to continue to be, with What Donovan Says.

Most have interpreted it as one of them has to be lying and the other has to be telling the truth, to the point where I really think those people selling the "TO Swallows" t-shirts in the parking lot should instead hawk "I believe Donovan" and "I believe Pam Oliver" buttons. But what probably happened was a simple misunderstanding- McNabb said something that he thought was off the record, Oliver had another understanding of that, and thus we have the last three days.

The best moment of all of this, though? This morning on the Sports Radio 950 morning show, the hosts were discussing the situation, and specifically an interview Oliver had given to Jody MacDonald, also of 950, yesterday afternoon. While discussing it, Glenn Foley talked about how Oliver was actually Donovan's friend, had been to his home, and had even eaten McNabb's mother's collared greens.

Upon hearing that last part, Michael Bradley had a moment of instant, Imus-inspired horror, thinking Foley was making a racial joke and that they'd all be fired. He said "whoa whoa whoa"... until Foley filled him in that Oliver, in the interview with MacDonald, had in fact told the collared greens story herself.

Posted by Stephen Silver at December 19, 2007 11:01 AM

Where does his mom get collars for her greens? They must look so cute, but me, I'll stick with COLLARD greens.
And you thought my WIFE was the proofreader :-P

Posted by: Dan at December 20, 2007 01:13 PM
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