January 24, 2008

More NYP Trouble

There’s more controversy at New York Press, the NYC alt-weekly that I wrote for from time to time during my time in the Big Apple. Already having gone through owners and editors the way Steinbrenner used to go through managers, the paper has lately burned through several different sex columnists, with editor David Blum firing multiple sex scribes, none of whom ever lived up to the level of former NYP writer Amy Sohn.

The paper’s latest sex writer, Claudia Lonow, was greeted this week with a cover story on her column, “Lip Service,” certainly not the sort of thing that normally happens for new columnists. But her honeymoon, it turned out, lasted not even 24 hours.

The Press reported on its site tonight that Lonow had resigned from the paper, after a blogger discovered that she had lifted several questions for the column from Dan Savage. Lonow, a TV writer who had never before written for a newspaper, used the Costanza defense, claiming she had no idea such a thing was frowned upon.

The paper’s search for the next great sex columnist continues (why haven’t they given Rachel Kramer Bussel a run yet?) I admit, though, that “Lip Service” was an excellent name for a sex column. But not as excellent as the paper’s previous one, Kelly Kreth’s “Outside the Box.”

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 24, 2008 09:17 PM
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