January 29, 2008

Giants Win, and Other Bad Predictions

KSK goes over some other things that won't be happening this year. The one about Prop Joe is my favorite.

Speaking of which, I'm totally loving this "Wire" season as usual, but one thing I don't get: McNulty and Lester are faking the serial killer so that the police will get enough money and enough detectives so they can eventually chase (and catch) Marlo. But don't they realize that if they get caught falsifying information and committing all of the other crimes associated with the serial killer plot, won't it jeopardize the Marlo case as well? Woudn't it be like the Ramparts case, in which police corruption resulted in the overturning of dozens of criminal convictions? In fact, my guess is that the season will end exactly that way, with Marlo, Chris and Snoop dead to rights, but then walking free when the hammer falls on Jimmy and Lester.

For more "Wire" commentary, Alan Sepinwall's site is the place to be.

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 29, 2008 05:20 PM
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