January 30, 2008

Obama's Not Just a Christian, or a Muslim...

He would also be the first Jewish president, according to this less-than-convincing Huffington Post piece:

Surprised? You shouldn't be. Consider the following eight clues:

1. His mom was a free-spirited agnostic obsessed with his education...
2. His wife seems to like him, but kvetches about him in public.
3. He is a lawyer and community activist
4. He was president of the Harvard Law Review
5. He taught at the University of Chicago
6. He squabbles with Democratic relatives in New York
7. He plays basketball at the Y.
8. He's funnier than Joe Lieberman

Eh, like I said, I'm not quite convinced. I think the whole Clinton "first black president" thing is sort of invalidated by Toni Morrison actually supporting Obama, just as I think a First Jewish President should actually be, you know, Jewish. But I do love the description of Michelle Obama as a "shiksa Goddess."

Posted by Stephen Silver at January 30, 2008 03:03 PM
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