February 18, 2008

The Hillary Campaign Desperation Quiz

Which of the following were actual anti-Obama arguments made by Hillary supporters today, and which one did I make up? (Check the links for the answer.)

1. Because Barack Obama used language in a speech similar to that of a friend and fellow elected official who supports his candidacy, approves of the practice, and has the same speechwriter, he's guilty of plagiarism!

2. Since those who voted for Obama in red states are "second-class delegates," Hillary is the rightful frontrunner.

3. The "real" delegate count- which counts exit polls instead of actual results, excludes caucuses and states with open primaries, includes Michigan and Florida, and excludes everything since Super Tuesday- proves conclusively that Hillary is the real winner!

4. Barack Obama is from Chicago, talks about hope, and is black- just like Jesse Jackson!

5. Because Obama used the word "periodically" in referring to Clinton's criticisms of him, he was obviously making a vile, sexist reference to her menstrual cycle!

Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, Obama has won more votes, more delegates, and more states, and is leading in the polls, both nationally and in the next few primary states.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 18, 2008 09:53 PM
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