February 27, 2008

Sean Gone!

News Item: ESPN Fires Sean Salisbury

The day we have long envisioned and wished for has finally arrived. This screaming, sneering buffoon was for some reason made the focal point of ESPN's NFL highlight coverage, despite never having anything interesting to say, and despite having been a horrible, horrible quarterback. That, and the whole taking-a-cell-phone-picture-of-his-junk incident.

ESPN also announced that another ex-Viking, Cris Carter- one who didn't completely suck back when he played- will be joining the network's football coverage.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 27, 2008 04:14 PM

That makes the day a little better, you know?

Posted by: Tommy at February 27, 2008 07:50 PM

So in order to be a good sports broadcaster you have to have been all-pro? I personally hate most former players who wind up on tv, with a few exceptions like Troy Aikman and Jay Bilas.

Posted by: at February 28, 2008 10:09 AM
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