February 29, 2008

Ya'all Got Asante

News Item: Eagles reportedly close to signing CB Asante Samuel

This deal, if it goes through, should help the Eagles avoid the "cheap" and "not willing to spend big on free agents" tags. And 5 years, $47 million is defensible. GCobb says this could be a prelude to a trade of Lito Sheppard and a #1 pick for Larry Fitzgerald, but that sounds a bit too much like "wishful thinking," if you ask me.

Headline on Comcast Sports Net's Web site: "Eagles Close in on Samuel, Clemons." Yes, Mark Twain is coming to Philadlephia.

The Vikings, meanwhile, brought in ex-Eagle (and ex-Gopher) fullback Thomas Tapeh, as well as safety Madieu Williams, who I'd never heard of until yesterday, though I hear he's good.

Posted by Stephen Silver at February 29, 2008 04:47 PM
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